I want to join a PhD Support Group

What I think is missing is more communication between PhD students about what they go through. One of the most important things for me was to be able to share all my process with the people around me, who would support me in the moments of doubt. So let’s get connected!

How will a support group work?

If you want to join a PhD support group, please fill in your details and preferences and based on these I’ll match you to other 5-7 students. Then we can meet on Zoom and start talking! Hopefully sharing the common experiences and fears can give you a feeling of ‘I’m not alone in this!’. Also, understanding what others are doing to cope with their issues can inspire you.

What if my problems aren’t related to the PhD but to other things?

If the reason that you’re struggling isn’t directly related to your PhD but it has a negative impact on your PhD process, then you can of course join a PhD support group too! An important example are romantic relationships and the link to a PhD can be in both directions: problems in your relationship make you unable to concentrate on your PhD or aspects of how you deal with your PhD impact your relationship.

What if I’m not doing a PhD, can I still join a support group

If you are finding it hard to cope with some of the aspects of a PhD which are also characteristic of a later academic career in your Postdoc or Assistant professorship or are simply keen on regularly meeting up with current PhD students to provide support, you are very welcome in PhD Support groups!

Tell me what you’re facing, what language you’d like to communicate in and whether you want to talk to people in different fields than you, and

I’ll find you a good match!

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