Individual and Team Coaching

The advantage of coaching is that you can improve your capability to manage all the stressful situations related to the PhD in a short time.


Number of sessions: 6

First Session (+-4h): Set your objectives for the coaching

Example: I am not confident about my paper so when I present I look scared and people notice that and tell me that I should look more confident. I want to gain self-confidence in presenting.

Following Sessions (2h)

The coach guides you through your process to reach whatever you set out to and points out which strengths can help you achieve those goals.

If needed, you can meet for 4 extra sessions and also do a last follow up after 10 months.


Number of Sessions: 7

First Session (+-4h): Set your objectives for the coaching

These objectives are different for each individual within the group

Example: I don’t know how to take decisions, so I can’t decide on what projects to work on. I hope that others will take decisions for me. Objective: learn how to get leadership skills to increase my capability of decision-making

Following Sessions (4h)

The group discusses the experiences with the different ways you tried to reach your goals. The debate is led by the coach who can point out which tools can be used to reach each of the goals.

Sessions are every 20-25 days so that you have time to experiment and reach your goals set in the first session and increase your awareness about your strengths and weaknesses to reach your goals.

The power of the group, everyone facing their own issues separately but in it together, can create great dynamics!


Professional Coach

About Me:

Hi, I am Corrado, I’m Italian, living in Milan. I am a psychologist, coach and university professor at the University Politecnico di Milano.

About Me as Coach:

Having studied psychology and neurosciences, I started working with positive psychology, the branch of psychology which aims at developing the potential of the individual. Specifically, I deal with Coaching, Training and development of people’s potential and their soft skills, both in the workplace and at university.

My Experience with the PhD world:

I have given courses on non-technical skills to PhD students at the Politecnico di Milano and have seen how the tools that coaching provides help give a boost in confidence to those struggling in situations which are common in a PhD program.

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Pricing Individual: 1260 euros/ coaching course (90 euros/ hour)

Pricing  Group: 1050 euros/ coaching course (37.50 euros/hour)

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