The PhD Experience

Here I’ll share with you more details regarding my own process and let you interact with the PeacehD community by joining Support Groups or by sharing with me your own PhD experience challenges, whether you are a current or a former PhD student. This will help us understand what the most common problems are and how people dealt with them!

My process

What kind of things did I face and what helped me in making my PhD process more peaceful?

Typical Issues in a PhD Program

Since I've started building PeacehD, I have talked to many PhD students and therapists and have created a list of the most common issues.

PhD Support Groups

Would you like to have regular chats with other PhD students who are going through the same things as you are? Join a PhD Support Group!

Get Involved!

Get involved and tell me about your PhD experience so that we get a better picture of what PhD students struggle with the most and what lessons former PhD students take away from their own PhD journey