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PeacehD is a site that provides the support and the
tools you need to do your PhD in peace.

Here I will share with you my personal experience in the PhD, connect you to others who face the same challenges as you and provide a link to professionals who are familiar with the common struggles of PhD students and can support you in the process.

I hope to help  you find peace in your PhD.

Why do I think PeacehD is needed?

My journey through the PhD has been full of emotional ups and downs. Having talked to a lot of people about my issues, I realized that many struggle in the process of a PhD. As this Nature article shows, it is a fact that large numbers of PhD students suffer from anxiety and depression. During my PhD, I wasn’t aware of how many people were going through similar things as I was and I didn’t know how to handle the situation. I asked myself many questions.

Am I the only one going through this?
How can I get in touch with others facing the same issues?
Where can I find professional help?

What PeacehD offers

All online, PeacehD offers to take you by the hand if you feel that your PhD process is not going as peacefully as you’d like.


My experience with the PhD and what I’ve identified as key challenges in doing a PhD

Linking Up

Connecting PhD students facing similar issues by creating PhD Support Groups


A professional coach able to provide tools to cope with common PhD challenges via individual or team coaching


Therapists familiar with the PhD process who can support you via longer-term individual therapy


Classes of Yoga, which can help with concentration, stress release and creativity

Would you like to have regular chats with other PhD students facing similar issues? Join a PhD Support Group!

About me

I am Anna Houstecka and I have recently finished my PhD in Economics in Barcelona. Through my personal process in therapy in the last years I discovered the importance of taking care of your mental health. This has benefited me in all areas of my life, and especially in my PhD.

That’s why I decided to share with you my process, discuss the most common issues PhD students face and provide examples of how I tackled some of them. I also want to offer you several options that can help you improve your own PhD experience, with the assistance of professionals who can take you further than I can.