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Professionals at PeacehD already know about the common issues in a PhD

At PeacehD, you have different options according to your needs.
Coaching is offered in English and Italian and therapy is offered in English, Spanish, Italian and Catalan.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

sd1 Coaching and
sd2 Your house 1. Is it sort of tidy or is it a complete mess?
2. If it’s messy, how do you tidy it up?
Imagine that you and your life are represented by a house
The foundations of the house are your personality, your values and beliefs about the world
The different rooms are different areas in your life
E.g. Family, romantic relationships, friends, hobbies, PhD
Let’s go into the PhD room
sd3 The PhD room 1. Don’t be defensive
2. Look confident, don’t look scared
Example: You don´t know how to react to criticism in a seminar Yes you can! What you are told: The question is, how do you get there? Can you actually learn that?
sd4 The PhD room: toolbox 1. How to organize your time?
2. How to stop procrastinating?
3. How to talk about your research in a confident way?
Focus is on concrete issues with concrete solutions
The tools your learn can be taken to other rooms of your house
Coaching and team coaching Advantages of coaching Think of it as a course in soft skills
sd5 The foundations The PhD room issues can shake your house regardless of the strength of its foundations
But if the foundations aren’t very strong (as was my case) then going only in the PhD room might not be enough
Strengthening the foundations takes longer than tidying up a room
If you feel you need that, how can you do that?
sd6 Working on the foundations: Individual Therapy 1. Have experience with the PhD world
2. Can help you do the digging and re-building
3. Can also visit your PhD room with you
Sometimes it’s about realizing that the PhD room isn’t the only one in your house! ☺ Therapists at PeacehD Anxiety and depression, which are common results of deeper issues, can be treated in therapy